CEO - Mindy Galloway

Mindy Galloway is one of the most positive people you will meet. She is on a mission to bring love, support, and encouragement to the world. She shines as KHEMIA CEO with her leadership and calm presence. Mindy grew up in the Northern California Cannabis Culture, where her love for manufacturing started as a way to utilize all aspects of the plant for healing. Mindy brings to KHEMIA her years of experience in the cannabis industry as a: delivery manager and consultant, storefront dispensary manager and product manager, Executive Director for cannabis non-profit groups and Mastermind Facilitator/business coach for cannabis Executives. Her cannabis experience is combined with experience from various entrepreneurial endeavors and previous jobs working for Executive Leaders.  

Mindy is excited and grateful every day to be a part of an amazing brand with an all-star team of legacy operators and business experts. With everyone combined together, KHEMIA is on its way to be widely known and recognized for creating quality artisanal products that are catered for specific effects and relief. 

Mindy connects with KHEMIA by being a voice for Cannabis wellness, education, and advocacy. 

CRO - Manndie Tingler

Manndie Tingler knows and understands people. She builds heartfelt and authentic relationships with almost everyone she meets. She is also upbeat, energetic and doesn’t miss a thing. 

Manndie is a recognized cannabis industry leader with over 13 years of marketing, sales, business development, and operations leadership. She served as Director of Business Development at Papa&Barkley and spearheaded the Northern California sales expansion, facilitating one of the largest cannabis brand ambassador programs in the state, and also facilitated the start of their new business to business wholesale program. Manndie also brings to Khemia her experience as a business development consultant and coach, bringing to life a variety of startup brands in the cannabis space and developing go to market sales and marketing strategies. Some of these brands include Spacestation, Continuum, and Viv& Oak. She holds a BA in Psychology, Minor in NonProfit Business, and an MS in Marriage, Child, and Family Counseling. She serves on the National Cannabis Industry Association Board of Directors, is the President of the Kriya Society, VP of the Eden Gathering, and President of Cannamommy.org. She is also an active member of California Growers Association, and the California Cannabis Industry Association.

Manndie connects with KHEMIA by being a voice for advocacy and strength for the cannabis community, helping support others to achieve their dreams and highest potential. 

CCO - Kimberly Cargile

 Kimberly Cargile hardly needs any introductions. Her dedication, compassionate attitude and brilliant mind sparks inspiration for everyone she comes in contact with. She is a well-known speaker, thought leader and innovator for the Cannabis Industry. She leads with grace and beauty, helping others tap into their highest potentials. 

Kimberly is a well-known cannabis activist and advocate. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a BA in Liberal Studies, a minor in Psychology and a focus on Social Justice in 2007. After which, she moved back to her hometown of Sacramento and became a well-known advocate for the cannabis industry to City Councils, Board of Supervisors and the State Legislature. With over fifteen years of experience as a cultivator and twelve operating dispensaries, Kimberly has helped many companies open or transition into the regulated marketplace in California. As the Executive Director of A Therapeutic Alternative, a State Licensed cannabis dispensary, she is proud of the fact that various government officials have commended her on her model operation and she’s managed it to become one of the most financially successful in the Northern California region. Kimberly is currently the owner of eight State licensed cannabis businesses. She is respected for her knowledge, ethics, and compassion, and continues to support the expansion of quality, regulated enterprises in this space.

Kimberly is excited to get back to the science of cannabis through manufacturing. She would like to see products with varying cannabinoids that are missing in the market. 

Kimberly connects with KHEMIA by being a voice and a catalyst for the cannabis industry. The goal is to help our cannabis community transition into the regulated market, preserving cannabis history and reviving cannabis artistry. 


Laura Hansen

Organizational Development

20 years of business consulting and entrepreneurship alongside 25 years’ training and teaching how people think, how groups behave, and what inspires people to change gives her a balanced approach to help clients pursue triple bottom line success.  

Founded and operated an award-winning consumer product design and manufacturing company; as a senior exec helped a local $18M business become a $28M industry leader. 

Artist and inventor with five patents and has over a dozen awards for her advertising copywriting. 

Published two Amazon best-sellers in the area of personal development. 

One of the world’s leading physicists endorsed her Life Mechanics method as supported by his work in quantum physics of consciousness.    

Dr. Dianne Bennett

Laboratory Scientist

8 years as a professor of chemistry at Sacramento City College, focused on organic chemistry for majors the first twelve years and is currently integrated chemistry for allied health students.  

Helped a medical diagnostic start-up company take an R&D technology through clinical trials and FDA approval to product sales.  Developed analytical methods for pesticide residues, vitamin label compliance, and antimicrobial analysis for state and federal agencies including the super-critical fluid extraction of pesticide residues from soils for the US EPA. Wrote a free, on-line LibreText in collaboration with UC Davis for this allied health chemistry course.   

BS in Chemistry from CSU Sacramento and a PhD. in Chemistry from UC Berkeley.

 Sherry Strong 

Pharmaceutical and GMP

15 years experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing in both quality assurance and quality control. 

Understands the regulated environment well and is highly proficient in Good Manufacturing Processes. Sherry  understands  the value, necessity and requirements for writing Standard Operating Procedures and has extensive experience with training personnel on GMP, aseptic technique, microbiology, etc. Has assisted with Quality Control Department audits during FDA inspections.

BS in Food Science with an emphasis in Consumer Science with Microbiology Studies from the University of Davis. Certified  as a Pharmaceutical Auditor from the Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences  in Ontario, Canada. 

Olga Potapova, PhD

Microbiology and GMP

8 years experience in managing and supervising: including, Quality Control in  Laboratories, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Expert and Certified Pharmaceutical Auditor. Over 20 years experience in Microbiology and Environmental Quality Control: including, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, beverage, food and  supplement manufacturing.  

Holds the prestigious White Belt Certification: Roche Lean-DMAIC,  Excellent in Operations, Genentech, Inc. USA, Member of Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Freelance translator for Russian Federation  inspections (Biotech and Pharma).

Olga holds a PhD in Microbiology with Specialization in Microbiology, Virology, Mycology, and  Immunology  from the Stavropol State Academy of Russia as well as a MS in Veterinary Medicine from the Stavropol  Agricultural University in Russia. 

Ariana Van Alstine

Legal Compliance

12 years of legal experience. Currently Senior Counsel  at Kennaday, Leavitt & Owensby Law Practice, specializing in health care and cannabis. 

Represents managed care companies to address business and regulatory issues and healthcare payers in contract disputes. Has experience handling litigation in state and federal courts, including factual investigation, discovery, dispositive motions, settlement negotiations, mediations, and preparation for trial. 

JD with distinctions from University of the Pacific. BS in Psychology from Drew University.

Laura Braden Quigley

Public Relations

5 years  of experience executing public affairs and strategic communications campaigns for corporate, political and nonprofit clients. Currently serves as Vice President of Communications for the California Medical Association, which represents over 43,000 physicians across all modes of practice. 

Prior, Laura was senior director of communications for the Sacramento Kings (NBA) where she managed public relations and strategic communications for business operations, including Golden 1 Center and Downtown Commons. From 2011-14,.


Lili Balfour

Finance and Investment

Served as outsourced CFO and/or advisor for emerging cannabis companies including Hemp Biorefineries and New York Hemp.


CFO/advisor to mainstream food, beverage, and beauty: Peeled Snacks, Organic Mixology, and Tracie Martyn.


Mentor for 500  Startups, Researcher and Writer for WSJ, Entrepreneur, and Fox Business.  

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